Heather Erson Photography Studio

Showcase yourself with artistic studio headshots and lifestyle portraits by Heather Erson Photography.

At Heather Erson Photography, we specialize in capturing stunning studio portraits in and around Asheville, NC that are both beautiful and meaningful. We work closely with clients to create a personalized and unique portrait experience, ensuring that each image captures your essence and tells your story in a beautiful and compelling way.

We can come to your location with a portable studio or we have access to a rental studio. A variety of backdrops are available. Portraits are available in color or black and white.

Studio portraits are professional photographs taken in a controlled indoor environment, using professional lighting and backdrops. The studio setting allows for complete control over the lighting, background, and overall ambiance of the photograph. This enables me to create a unique and tailored look to the image, ensuring that you are photographed in a flattering and visually appealing way.

Why do you need a headshot in Asheville, NC?

- Business professionals: Executives, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals use headshots for marketing and branding purposes, including on their websites, LinkedIn profiles, and business cards. A professional headshot can convey competence, confidence, and approachability.

- Actors and actresses: Headshots are essential for actors and actresses as they are often used by casting directors to determine whether someone is suitable for a role. A high-quality headshot can make a significant difference in the audition process.

- Speakers and authors: Headshots are used by speakers and authors for marketing purposes, including on their websites, book covers, and promotional materials. A high-quality headshot can help convey the author's personality and style and make them more approachable to potential readers.

- Musicians: Musicians use headshots for marketing and promotional purposes, including on album covers, websites, and social media profiles. A well-crafted headshot can help convey the artist's style, personality, and genre, making them more attractive to potential fans and music industry professionals.

- Online dating profiles: In today's digital age, online dating has become increasingly popular, and having a high-quality headshot can make a significant difference in attracting potential partners. A well-crafted headshot can help convey confidence, approachability, and personality, making you more likely to get noticed and receive messages from potential matches.

- Social media profiles: Whether for personal or professional purposes, having a high-quality headshot on social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help convey professionalism, approachability, and confidence. It can also help people recognize and remember who you are, particularly if you are trying to establish a personal brand.

- Personal branding: A headshot can be an essential component of personal branding, particularly for entrepreneurs, influencers, and thought leaders. A professional headshot can help convey their unique value proposition, style, and personality, making you more attractive to potential clients, partners, or followers.

- Acting or modeling portfolios: In addition to using headshots for auditions and casting calls, actors and models often use them in their portfolios to showcase their range and versatility. A well-crafted headshot can help capture your unique features and personality, making your stand out from the competition.

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